Horoscope Gossip

Gemini is never at a loss for words. Gemini never lies, he or she just stretches the truth, likes to exaggerate the circumstances and tell a good story. What fun is life without a little hyperbole? No one enjoys a boring story. Speaking of the mundane, folks born under the sign of Gemini do get bored easily; he or she requires much stimulus. Nothing burns their enthusiasm quicker than the “ordinary”. Gemini has restless feet and needs to be on the move. Any mode of transportation, including a pair of sneakers will suit Gemini well. Gemini gravitates to profession that requires communication and much energy. Excellent with people Gemini can talk the talk, and sell anything. Often witty and sometimes fickle Gemini can be accused of having an evil twin. The double tag is well worn, because Gemini is never just one person but has the uncanny ability to be many different people.

If you love a Gemini please use your gift of communication, silence will be a killer in this relationship. If you leave your Gemini lover behind, there will be much discussion but few tears. Gemini does not have much time to give to feeling sad. As a lover to this mercurial personality you must stay current and keep up with his or her every changing ideas. There is no time to nod off or chill. Keep moving is the watch word.

Perhaps you job will be to lasso your wild thing. Gemini’s believe that you can’t hit a moving target. Operate accordingly. Read to him or her often; engage him or her in late night conversation. Tell him or her about your day and what your plans are for tomorrow. Do not go to the same place twice to eat, play or visit. The planet is full of adventure and surprises. Strive to take your Gemini to the four corners of the earth and your relationship will be a never-ending-story.


Mercury is about to waltz backwards. Gemini loves its ruling planet, backwards or forwards, so this dance should be one of compatibility. Whatever comes around again for Gemini will speak in some way similar to a previous retrograde. Backward Mercury causes the planet to go into a tongue-tied state. Perhaps Hillary will finally throw in the towel. Past reverse dances indicated this happening. Careful what you speak that it doesn’t get misunderstood. This period begins May 26th and continues until June 20th. Mum’s the word until then.

Aries (March 21- April 20) Aries will find opportunities resurface with the onset of Mercury’s backward dance. Do not look further than your surroundings, neighborhood or community. Cosmic Advice: The support you expect from siblings will be there, but as the month continues this familial thing could cause problems. Remember that challenge is how stuff gets accomplished.

Taurus (April 21- May 20) Taurus will review his or her resources. What you have acquired over the past several months will be assessed during the backward dance. This will allow you to judge your worth. Maybe you will need to ask for a raise. Do not sell your self short. Cosmic Advice: Don’t let family cause you stress. There will be some argument but in all most of what occurs is just a good show of high drama.

Gemini (May 21- June 21) Gemini can carry on as usual. This backward dance can be an opportunity to say and do what might have passed by before. Grab the brass ring as it backs up. Hold tight because when Mercury moves forward it will take you for an amazing ride. Cosmic Advice; Home is a place that may see little of you over the next few years. You may have to do some repairs and you may have to spend more time alone than you like.

Cancer (June 22- July 22) Cancer has put so much on the back burner that this retrograde will force you back into that place of storage. Rethinking the past can be dangerous. You must remember why it is the past. What caused you to make the decisions you made and recognize that the problems that existed will likely still be problems again. Cosmic Advice: Move forward when Mercury shifts out of reverse. Maybe you are living in the hood by yourself. Your resources need some action, what are you worth? Make sure you get what you deserve.

Leo (July 23- Aug. 22) Leo can find opportunity with the backward dance of Mercury. Look to friends and organizations for the source. Young people, both male and female, is likely to be involved. You have the gift of working well with youngsters might prove to be true. Cosmic Advice: You feel restless and a bit argumentative. Mars is in Leo; do not use this energy in a  negative way. Ignite your spirit, show others the way. You have center stage; make good use of this time. aquarius horoscope

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sept. 22) Virgo feels clamped to the planet. This is a difficult next few years. Make peace with the lessons that will have to be learned. Make yourself available to listen and learn. Perhaps what binds you in place is not real, separate the imagined from reality. Cosmic Advice: The backward dance of Mercury might put you at a disadvantage in your profession. There is that rub going on with colleagues. All that occurs has been said before. Try to do your best to not be misunderstood. Everything is temporary.