vivo V20 – High Definition Camera


Ovio V20 is a fine deal from the big brand. The powerful eightGB RAM and 128GB internal storage helps users to download numerous apps and get them running in no time at all. The gorgeous camera setup on the back side along with a 44MP selfies shooter make it very much a head turner. Even the innovative Fly-Click functionality of Android Wear helps users to access Gmail, Google Now and other important information without having to fiddle around with your phone.

The built in flash and 2.5D image sensor on the front side is also something that makes this handset stand apart. The build quality is pretty good and you can expect a long lasting life from it. It has a nice weight too which makes it easy to carry around. The color combination too is quite soothing and works really well. Users can expect the vivo v20 to have decent battery life but will need to make sure they don’t over extend it.

The large size of the built in memory and the powerful yet inexpensive Adreno processor inside make this handset stand different from all the others. Users can expect to get more than sixty minutes of talk time on this device if they do not drain the battery very fast. To power this up, the two standard size earphones with large sound quality come along with it. The only thing that users need to do is to make sure that the cellular network they are using has support for the high speed internet data and they will be able to enjoy the wonderful music, videos and game playing on the vivo v20.

The built in camera is one of the best amongst modern smartphones. The vivo v20 comes with a sixteen megapixel digital camera which is quite decent. With the help of this camera, you can take good pictures. Apart from taking pictures, the phone also offers video recording at up to three minutes per clip. In order to enlarge the available recording space, users can use the screen which has been designed with an optical zoom feature. vivo v20

The vivo V20 comes with a substantial amount of memory space. This enables users to store plenty of high quality videos and images. To make sure that they get the best performance out of this smartphone, users need to clean it thoroughly after using it. The phone has a removable card which stores all the user’s personal information like contacts, messages and other apps. The memory card can however be expanded using the micro SD card that is provided by the mobile manufacturer.

The vivo V20 has a high definition camera which has been built into the handset. Users can enjoy excellent images even in low light conditions. Apart from taking pictures, the device also offers videos at different frames rates. To enjoy the benefits of the vivid camera, it is important that you have a good memory.