Why Are Backlinks Important to SEO?

If you are new to SEO marketing, you probably have no idea what backlinks are and the importance of them. Backlinks are links that point back to your website or in other words, when a website adds a link to your website on theirs or when you place a link back to your website on another website such in the case of forums, blogs, and any other websites that are willing to put your link on it. Knowing this, why are they so important to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The Importance Of Backlinks

Search engines such as Google rank webpages in their index according to the amount of backlinks they have. Take for example, a website that has 5 backlinks versus a website that has 100. Google (or any other search engine) will find the website with 100 backlinks more popular and rank them higher than the website with only 5 backlinks. The only exception to this is relevance. For example, even though the website with 100 backlinks has more links than the website with 5, if the links are not relevant to the content on the website, Google will eventually rank the website with 5 backlinks higher than the website with 100. 구글광고대행

Relevant Backlinks Yield Better Results

Focusing on the point of relevance, let us explore a little more deeply why it is also important that your website has relevant or quality backlinks. If your website is about “panic attacks”, you certainly don’t want to obtain backlinks from websites that are about “working from home”. This will not only decrease your website in search engine rankings, but worse yet, it might even get your website banned from being indexed all together.

Google recently changed it’s algorithm to prevent people from ranking well with excessive irrelevant backlinks. So many people use to buy thousands of links regardless if they were relevant or not for their websites just to get a high rank in Google (or other search engines). After awhile, Google caught on and put a stop to that. Google now will place a filter on your website to prevent it from ranking well if it finds that you have too many irrelevant backlinks. Google has to do this now because too many people use “blackhat” tricks to help them rank high and manipulate the system. Now, doing so could leave your site penalized, banned or have your keyword rank filtered out to the point where you will not rank no matter what you do.

Solution To Obtaining Relevant Backlinks

We all know that obtaining relevant backlinks to your site can take a very long time and frankly, who has this kind of time? Lucky enough, there are services out there that will do this mundane work for you. Services such as  will roll up their sleeves and get you the quality backlinks your business needs which will result in hundreds of targeted visitors to your site. So, knowing the importance of getting relevant,quality backlinks to your site, why not let the professionals do it for you. This will free you up to do more pleasant things in your life.